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My Reviewing Policies

Thank you for considering my policy for books offered for reviewing.

I’m happy to receive e-mails from those who have read this policy and think they have a book or books that would interest me.

I have a Nook, and will be glad to read review copies in that format.

1. Fiction, memoirs, or non-fiction by/about women of color or women living outside the USA.

2. Fiction or non-fiction that express under-reported perspectives
3. Autobiographies and memoirs from countries other than the USA.
4. Books generally by or about people of color.
5. Academic books in history or women’s studies.
6. Translations and books from small presses
7. Books that contribute to a global perspective

I read literary fiction, mysteries, and fantasy/science fiction. I would consider books in these genre if they also meet the criteria above.

1. Young adult or children’s books.
2. Horror or true crime books.
3. Genre romances.
4. Overtly Christian books

I reserve the right not to review a book if it falls outside areas of interests or if I
consider of little value. Do not send me books that are superficial and poorly written.

I do not participate in blog tours, host author guest posts or interviews.


I do not rank books with the traditional star system, but do identify if and how strongly I recommend a book to particular audiences.

I will read and review all books carefully and fairly, identifying both strengths and weaknesses. Do not assume I will always write positive reviews.

I will read books and write review as promptly as possible, but health problems do not allow me to promise to meet short deadlines.

If I receive a review request for a book that doesn’t match the categories I have said I will review, I will ignore it.

Books that I choose not to review, and some that I do, I will give away or donate to my local college or public library.

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  1. June 26, 2013 4:28 am


    I hope you don’t mind my emailing you but I notice you have been reading some book blogs and wondered if you’d be interested in having a look at mine: Books Now!: – do feel free to subscribe.

    I post twice weekly (if I can!) and my interests are US, British and Australian fiction. My latest post is Confessions of a Biblioholic and I’ll be reviewing James Salter’s latest novel on Friday. As a feminist, you may find what I have to say about his book, All That Is, of interest! I also plan to review Chimamanda Ngozi Achidnie’s “Americana” soon.

    Do contact me and join the conversation, it would be great to hear from you,

    Kind regards


  2. April 10, 2016 12:43 pm

    Is there an email address you care to share? I have read your reviewing policies and believe that my first book (and upcoming title) meets your criteria. My first book, A Journey Of Life On Purpose, deals with the richness I’ve found at the intersections of: creativity (my being a writer); identity as Black and as woman via the immigrant experience and through the identification with a tapestry of women; and, the engagement of a personal activism and love that I believe is needed in order for one to truly tap into their purpose, and ultimately live a life of purpose.

    I look forward to hearing back from you.

    I read and appreciated your thorough and reflective review of “Not for Everyday Use,” by one of my favorite writers, Elizabeth Nuñez. I have read “Prospero’s Daughter” and “Discretion.” My next book is a work of fiction, partly set on a fictitious Caribbean island. It also features a central mother-daughter story that is deeply shaped by long-held cultural practice and modeling against a colonial backdrop. How this relationship endures migration might be a resonant theme for you, given your interest in the stories of global women of color.

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