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Everyday People: The Color of Life, edited by Jennifer Baker.

May 26, 2018

Everyday People
Everyday People: The Color of Life: A Short Story Anthology, edited by Jennifer Baker. Atria Books, 2018

Forthcoming August 28, 2018

3 stars

A collection of excellent, but unsettling stories by people of color.

Jennifer Baker is an African American woman deeply involved with expanding diversity online and in print.  She created and hosts the podcast Minorities in Publishing where she interviews authors and others  who work in publications.  She has also has been involved with the websites We Need Diverse Books and Electric Literature.

Baker’s anthology, Everyday People, features well-crafted short fiction by established and new writers.  The contributors are richly varied in ethnicity and background, the stories they tell were chosen because of their excellence, not to represent particular groups.  Overall they present worlds that most of us who are white and mainstream seldom encounter.  I generally read and applaud writers who can combine the unfamiliar and the universal.  I found the style and content of these stories, however, a step beyond my ability to relate.  For better or worse, they were about a world that rejects people like me.

I loved the cover of this book.

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