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Food Allergies, by Scott H. Sicherer.

December 14, 2017

Food AlergiesFood Allergies: A Complete Guide for Eating when Your Life Depends on It,  Scott H. Sicherer.  John Hopkins Press, 2017. Second Edition

4 stars

Another volume in the John Hopkins Health series providing people with basic information on health problems; here the focus is food allergies and how to handle them.

Given the current medical establishment,  many of us do not get enough information about diagnosis to understand what is needed for us to live with our problems.  Johns Hopkins Press is publishing a useful series to help us out.  Specialists in various ailments provide detailed answers to questions we may have.

This book is a second, expanded and updated volume containing a wealth of information about allergies.   Scott H. Sicherer, a specialist on the topic, provides us with a scientific explanation of how allergies behave in our bodies. In doing so he defines medical jargon and differentiates between a true allergy and other physical responses.  He goes through five frequent allergies discussing where their triggers appear and how to avoid them.  He even discusses topics like fitting an allergy regime into everyday life.

The book is structured around questions and answers, and I believe it would be useful, particularly for those recently diagnosed with allergies.

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