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Death by His Grace, by Kwei Quartey.

January 18, 2017
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Death by His Grace, by Kwei Quartey.  Soho Crime (2017), 272 pages.  Forthcoming.

3 stars.

Another mystery set in Ghana by a popular Ghanaian American crime writer.

Kwei Quartey was born and raised in Ghana to a father from that country and his African American wife.   For the past twenty years he has lived in California where he practices medicine as well as writes mysteries.  In an interview with NPR, he describes Accra, the capital of Ghana, as “a high-energy, rules-meant-to-be-broken kind of place” where he sets his mystery series about Darko Dawson, a Detective Inspector.

The chaotic mood of Accra runs through the latest book in his series.  Dawson is required to solve a murder of a person who belongs to his own extended family.  The importance placed in Africa on family connections complicates his investigation along with the involvement of various characters with a charismatic preacher and his entourage.

As a mystery novel, Death by His Grace is good, but not outstanding.  The plot and the characters were a little unconvincing to me, but perhaps not to a Ghanaian.  On the other hand, I enjoyed the book a great deal because of the way that local culture is portrayed in the daily life of the characters.

I recommend this book to others, like myself, who enjoy mysteries set in interesting places around the world.


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  1. aartichapati permalink
    January 23, 2017 2:43 pm

    I read a couple of books in this series and, like you, did not find them to be outstanding. I didn’t really feel compelled to continue with the series, unfortunately.

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