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The Devil Sent the Rain, by Lisa Turner.

August 10, 2016

The Devil Sent the Rain, by Lisa Turner.

4 stars

A mystery steeped in the Southern mystique of Memphis and the Mississippi Delta.

Billy Able and his sidekick Frankie Malone make a good investigative police team.  He is strong on playing his hunches, and she is logical and precise.  Billy was raised by his uncle who ran a diner in the Mississippi Delta.  He is shaken when a woman he had once loved, a woman who was the daughter of a plantation family, is found dead in her wedding gown.  Family, moneyed power, and revenge all come into play in solving the mystery of who was her killer.

This is the third book in Lisa Turner’s series of southern mysteries featuring Billy Able. The previous novels have been well received, as this one is sure to be.  Turner creates exciting situations and a complex group of potential killers.  She has a clear sense of the ways in which class, as well as race, divides the south and of how revenge from the past hovers over the present.

I glad recommend this book to those readers who are mystery lovers.

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