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Death on Blackheath, by Anne Perry.

February 14, 2014

Death on Blackheath: A Charlotte and Thomas Pitt Novel, by Anne Perry.  Ballantine Books (2014), Hardcover, 320 pages

 Another in a popular mystery series set in Victorian London.

 Anne Perry is a prolific author, best known for her historical mysteries set in London at the end of the 1800s.  Death on Blackheath is her 27th novel about Thomas Pitt, detective and now head of the Special Branch in London, and his wife Charlotte.  In addition, she has written another series of almost 20 books also set in Victorian London  and novels about the First World War.

Perry excels at writing enjoyable fiction, never deep or literary, but predictably fun to read.  Her knowledge of Victorian London is extensive and involves various levels of society, maids as well as masters.  While William Pitt is the main actor in this series, his wife and her friends and relations always get involved in solving the mystery.  Her new book is fresh and interesting, but follows the same pattern as the others in the series.

 A missing maid and the signs of a struggle are found at the kitchen door of a leading scientist in the British Navy. An unidentifiable body found nearby could be the young woman.  The government wants Pitt to investigate because of the scientist’s importance.  Charlotte, her sister, and her sister’s husband become involved.  Charlotte’s great aunt and Thomas’s former superior also appear.  Although Thomas and Charlotte are firmly committed to each other, hints of romance emerge among other characters.

 I strongly recommend Death on Blackheath to all who enjoy cozy, historical mysteries.

 I read a review copy of  this book on my ebook.

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