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Recreating Global Women of Color

February 1, 2014

 The recent wave of talk about reading books written by women convinced me to expand Global Women of Color instead of reducing it.  I want it to become a general source that brings together information about this important group of writers.  I  have restructured the site and added to it.  Here are the two new pages.


Sign up to follow GWC.

Start browsing the books suggested on the GWC page for Book Lists and Reviews.  Feel free to comment on the lists and reviews of others.

Read one or more books by Global Women of Color.

If you read some books by Global Women of Color, please, list your reviews here.

I am also creating a Blogroll  so that people who care about reading books by Global Women of Color can get in touch with each other.  If you want to be included, leave a comment here with your blog address.

If you like Challenges,  set up your own involving Global Women of Color.  I hope some of you would read and review books by women from of a particular region or country.   Share what you plan to do in a comment.

As this site grows, I would like to create pages for Books from/about Different Places.  I will need some help, especially for areas under-represented in the GWC posts such as Canada and the Far East.   For now, add suggestions as comments and I will assemble pages.

However you choose to participate, feel free to take a GWC Button for your own blog.

Whatever your choices, I hope you will read and enjoy some of the wonderful books by the women whose books are featured here.


Lists of Suggested books

Year of Reading South Asian Women

Year of Reading Arab Women

Bibliglobal year of Reading (Global) Women

Marilyn Brady’s Reading Global Women of color

Suggestions from others. Links are to those I have read and reviewed.

Any of Chitra Divakaruni’s books. India
A Tale for the Time Being by Ruth Ozeki.
Someone Else’s Garden by Dipika Rai.
We Need New Names, by No Violet Bulawayo. Africa
Carpentaria, by Alexis Wright.  Australian Indigenous
My Place, by Sally Morgan. Australian Indigenous
Americanah, by Adichie.  Nigeria and USA
The Bone People, by Keri Hulme. New Zealand Indigenous
Dogside Story, by Patricia Grace. New Zealand Indigenous

2014 GWC Reviews Spreadsheet
This is where new reviews are assembled.  I will occasionally sort and post lists from here.

2013 GWC Reviews Final List
Books reviewed last year, listed alphabetically by title, along with authors, reviewers, and comments by reviewers.

2013 GWC Reviews Arranged Regionally
Books by location, as named by reviewers.  I plan to arrange these more systematically soon.

MDB 20112 Reviews
My reviews of books by Global Women of Color before I started this blog.

SOURCES which frequently review and suggest books by Global Women of Color.
Some are also useful sources of information about the authors themselves.

Bellistra is an excellent source that regularly publishes reviews of books by women worldwide.

Voices from the Gap, created by the University of Minnesota English Department, is a website devoted to making available books and other resources by and about women writers of color worldwide.

Feminist presses like Spinifex, Inanna, Aunt Lute and Feminist Press have all made it a priority to publish books by women globally. Their catalogues are full of books by women of color.  If you cannot find them locally, you can order directly often getting ebooks which eliminate international shipping charges.

The Australian Women Writers  and South Asian Women Writers are both reading challenges listing books by women writers from those regions.

Since my own ability to buy books is limited, I often rely on cheap sources like Paperback Book Swap and Better World Books.   Both have surprising offering of used books by Global Women of Color.

BLOG ROLL:  Bloggers who often read and discuss books by Global Women of Color.  Check their categories and indexes for particular books, authors, and geographical locations.

Kinna at  Hosts a Challenge about African books and offers helpful lists and suggestions.

Eva at A wise reader and reviewer who reads vociferously.

Lisa at  Fine reviews of international books by an Australian woman.  Hosts an Indigenous Writing Week.  Her own project is reading books from every country and she often reads books by women.  Marilyn’s general book blog.

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