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Fictional Truth in Books by Global Women of Color

August 4, 2013

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Fictional Truth in Books by Global Women of Color

I have always believed that fiction carried its own kind of truths, but I have never been able to pin down exactly what I meant by that.  At least I couldn’t before I stared deliberately reading books  by the women of color.  Certainly I have learned a great deal about the world beyond my country’s borders, sometimes with Goggle and Goggle Earth filling me in on the places I was reading about.  But that new knowledge is the least of it.

Reading books by global women of color has expanded me emotionally.  My sense of what it means to human has broadened.  Empathizing with characters requires me to see how they are like me, but seeing how they are unlike myself has shown what it feels like to live in the conditions that others face.  Even when I think that a character’s decisions are misguided, I am able to understand why they make them.   (In her fine article about me on Australian Women Writers, Paula Grunseit @ Wordsville says more about who I am and some of my other reasons for focusing on these books.)

I have just posted a new combined list of the books that have been reviewed and listed on the Global Women of Color site.  I have also reworked my pages on this blog to include the books I reviewed for challenges in 2013, (AUSTRALIAN WOMEN WRITERS and GLOBAL WOMEN OF COLOR BOOKS) and in 2012, indicating my favorite books among those reviewed.  I have also changed and expanded my page on Feminism to include more of what I have read and written as well as articles and videos that relate to women’s issues.

Go find someone to read who can show you a new view of life.

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