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Global Women of Color, 2013: Reading Challenge and Blog

December 24, 2012



Women of color around the globe are writing some amazing books. Their voices can give us insight into the lives of those outside our usual boundaries. Feminists especially need to listen to them if they want to understand their concerns. This blog is meant to help us share what we are finding when reading and discussing books by global women of color.

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Choose your level of commitment:

Structured: Read ten books by Global Women of Color, six of them from six different continents or regions.

Free Form: Read as many or as few books by Global Women of Color as you choose.

Blog: Simply follow and comment.

Leave a comment below saying you are signing up.  If you have decided on books to read, please include them.

Women of color are descended from indigenous, non-European peoples everywhere.  No test of proportion of “native blood” or genealogy.

Continents and countries are useful devices for categorizing, but as post-colonial writers point out, few of them stay or write about only one place. In reporting your books, give the continent of origin of the author, the country of her origin, and one or more countries which are the settings of the book. If identifying these locations gets complicated, use your best judgment. I won’t be picky. Count any book as from any of its relevant continents. For example, I have had difficulty finding books by Women of Color who are native to Europe but there are some excellent ones by women who have migrated there.

I have added the Middle East to the usual list of continents and expanded several categories. Caribbean books are included with South America. New Zealand and the Pacific Islands belong with Australia.

I am still figuring out the best ways to set up this challenge/blog. I hope to make it easy and productive for everyone to keep up with the others’ reading.  With your help I also plan to keep a spreadsheet about books and reviews. I may need to experiment.

Suggestions for Books to Read
I am creating additional pages to help you. I also plan to post suggestions on particular topics through the year. The first one will be about books by Muslim women.  There will be a spreadsheet or list for all the reviews reported on this blog.

Read and enjoy!

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